The Zine Society: Library is an interactive installation at the UT Dallas Artist Residency CentralTrak, that will be held from Saturday October 24th,2015 until February 9th. This exhibition will allow viewers to discover and explore small press and self published art zines by a diverse group of artists and illustrators. Participants will have the opportunity to tangibly experience these works in the gallery furnished with seating areas to absorb the works at a casual pace.

Through the use of process pieces, workshops, and completed zines, The Zine Society hopes to showcase the different working styles, formats. and processes that go into making these artist-driven publications. Supported by the gallery environment, The Zine Society also aspires to elevate the work beyond a consumer context. By exposing viewers to new artists, ideas, and standards, the zines and their process will be presented as a medium that should be valued, studied, and supported.

In some cases, The Zine Society: Library may serve as an introduction to zine culture. For others, The Zine Society: Library may serve as a conduit towards further collecting via experiences with new artists and new dialogues.